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Torrey Pines Tee Times - How To Book

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Wanna Play Torrey Pines Golf Course?
Guaranteed – Up to 90 Days in Advance

San Diego Golf can help you book and confirm Guaranteed tee times at Torrey Pines Golf Course up to 90 days in advance for a $29-$39 per player non-refundable convenience/coordination fee.

The MOST IMPORTANT thing to remember about getting a Torrey Pines tee time is that you MUST CALL San Diego Golf as far in advance as possible.

See Green Fee Prices and Call us Toll Free 866-690-2154 / Local 858-964-5279.
(Torrey Pines does not book tee times online)

Although we can only call Torrey Pines in your behalf up to 90 Days in advance of the day you want to play, we will track your Torrey Pines tee time request in our Advance Reservation System up to one year in advance.

That Ensures…when that small, two hour window of opportunity to book a tee time opens between 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. 90 days prior to the day you want to play, our Tee Time Reservation Specialists will be on the phone in that very first minute calling Torrey Pines to book one of these limited but Guaranteed tee times for you.

We offer this service for $29-$39 per player. Of course there’s no charge if we are unable to get the exact tee time you want.

For example... right now there is typically very limited availability inside 1 - 21 days. However, due to the poor economy there is still good availability from 21 – 90 days in advance of the day you want to play. However…

We fully expect that once the economy recovers a little the ONLY "Window of Opportunity" for Non-residents to secure a Torrey Pines tee time will be that two hour window of time between 9 a.m. - 11 a.m. 90 days prior to the day of play. We believe the Torrey Pines Administration Office will "SELL-OUT" all available tee times during those two hours 90 days in advance. Here are the details:

Visiting Golfers (San Diego County Residents are Considered Non-Residents in Regards to Access and Rates):

How To Get Onto Torrey Pines Golf Course

There are only three ways to get a tee time on Torrey Pines Golf Course (NORTH or SOUTH):

  1. Walk-on / Standby. (Very difficult, waiting times for a single player can be 1 - 4 hours or not at all!)

  2. Golf Package: Book a fairly expensive Golf Package with Hotel Room at one of the two adjacent hotels. (The tee times these hotels have are also limited)

  3. The 90 Day Advance Reservation System directly from the Torrey Pines Admin Office up to 90 Days in Advance

    • Anyone can check availability and book a tee time up to 90 Days in Advance by paying a $ 45 per player Non-Refundable Advance Booking Fee by MC or VISA directly to Torrey Pines at the time of booking. (No AMEX) (San Diego Golf can do this for you for $ 29 - $39 per player service fee)

    • Green Fees are paid at the Starter's Booth at the time of check-in on the day of play (Again - No AMEX) Non-Residents pay Non-Resident rates and Residents with a Resident I.D. Card issued by Torrey Pines pay the Resident rates.

    • Carts are Optional and are paid for in the Pro Shop at the time of check-in on the day of play (AMEX O.K. for Carts)

Alternatives to Torrey Pines

  • San Diego has many fabulous golf courses that many say are “equal to or better than” Torrey Pines NORTH or SOUTH.

  • If we can’t get you or your Tournament Group on Torrey Pines in 2009...we will confirm your San Diego tee times up to 90 days in advance at the other 20 Best Golf Courses in San Diego... COMPLIMENTARY…and give every player in your group (from 1 – 144) a $ 10 per player discount off the regular green fees of the San Diego golf course you select.

  • We only charge a service fee for making Torrey Pines tee time reservations. There are NO additional convenience or coordination fees for tee times we book for you at these 20 Top San Diego Golf Courses. See San Diego's Top 20 Golf Courses.

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