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Justin Hicks, PGA - Stadium Golf Center
  • 2011-16 Top Golf Instructors in CA
  • 2009 PGA Teacher of the Year
  • 2007 PGA Player of the Year
  • PGA Presidents Council Award

Take your San Diego Golf Lessons at Stadium Golf Center from an experienced golf instructor and PGA Professional- Justin Hicks. Justin has been successfully helping all ages and skill levels of golfer for 20 years.

Full swing, short game, group, and playing lessons offered.

“When I first started golf instruction with Justin a few years ago, I was struggling to break 100 and golf was not very much fun. I went from a 24+ handicap to a 16 after year one, a 12 after year 2, and I am currently a 10." Bob Buckingham, click here for Testimonials.

HOLIDAY SPECIAL: Justin has some holiday specials available that could be a nice gift for you or someone else who would like to improve their game. Click Here for more info

Call - 858-254-0889 or Email -

In addition to private instruction, Justin has other programs that will help you with ALL parts of your game to help you become a complete player.

Justin's Programs:

  • Short Game School Click Here for more details.
  • Driver Clinic Click Here for more details.
  • Play with the Pro Click Here for more details.
  • Field of Dreams Click Here for more details.

Take the first step towards improving your game by contacting Justin.

(858) 254-0889 | |

- Take your San Diego Golf Lessons at Torrey Pines Golf Course from an experienced golf instructor and PGA Professional - Michael Major. Michael Major is an experienced PGA Instructor at Torrey Pines Golf Course and he has been teaching both adults and children, as well as residents and visitors at Torrey Pines for many years.

He offers several types of programs and instruction packages and his specialty is customizing a golf lesson program that meets your specific needs and busy work or vacation schedule.

Michael is a Staff Instructor at the Torrey Pines Golf Course Instructional Center. The Torrey Pines Golf School has a well known reputation in Southern California for providing exceptional one and two day golf schools and golf lessons in San Diego by some of San Diego's best PGA and LPGA "Class A" member instructors. Michael and his fellow Instructors also offer Torrey Pines Golf Course playing packages as well as group and private golf lessons and clinics for corporate golf outings and tournaments playing at Torrey Pines Golf Course.

Whether you are just beginning to learn golf, trying to lower your handicap or just want to perfect a certain type of shot...Michael Major can help you learn the game and improve your swing. ( to visit Michael's website for more information)

VAVi Sport & Social Club brings together adults who want to have fun in San Diego through a variety of adult sports leagues. Learn to play Golf with a Professional Experienced Instructor or play in our Social Golf League!

Golf Lessons

  • Our Golf Lessons are for beginners who wants to learn the basics of a full swing, chipping, putting, irons, sand play as well as for the intermediate golfer who is just looking to brush up on their skills.
  • The golf lessons consist of four 2 hour sessions with a golf professional
  • 9 holes of golf on the fifth session
  • Practice golf balls every week
  • Sign-up or get more info at VAVI Golf, or Call 858-273-3485

Coed Social Golf League

  • Our Coed Social Golf League is for players of varying skill levels
  • There are 7 regular season games and a tournament for all players on the 8th week
  • There will be a group lesson each week before everyone tees off
  • Players are paired up with different players each week and play 9 holes under the lights at Mission Bay Golf Course
  • Tournament: Handicaps will be tabulated each week to determine regular season rankings. All players are invited to play in the end-of-season tournament!
  • Sign-up or get more info at VAVI Golf, or Call 858-273-3485

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