San Diego Golf Packages


San Diego Golf Packages

San Diego Golf (SDGR) has partnered with Advance Reservation Systems (ARES) to offer visiting golfers a "Build Your Own San Diego Golf Package" service.

A San Diego Golf Package Service Provided by LOCAL Companies that:

Click Here to see the difference between our San Diego Golf Package and all the others.

Our San Diego Golf Packages are completely customizable by YOU and there are no hidden fees like most golf packages being sold today! 

Many of the National Golf Package Operators include extra services you don't need or want, including extra taxes, surcharges, insurance and restrictive cancellation policies that allow them to hide the extra hidden costs of the rooms, car rentals and golf.  They are likely to be put together out of some Call Center in Florida, Chicago or Texas by non-golfers without LOCAL knowledge or experience!

Our San Diego Golf Packages allow you to decide exactly what you want, exclude what you don't need and there are no hidden costs. The prices you pay are exactly the same prices you would pay if you took the time to research and contact each hotel and golf course yourself to make your own reservations. Try it for yourself and see the difference.

Here's how our San Diego Golf Packages work.  Build your package in any order:

1.   On-line / Real-Time Tee Time Booking Engine - Book Golf

Note:  Torrey Pines Golf Course is the one exception. One of our Golf Specialists will have to assist you in checking availability and confirming Torrey Pines tee times up to 90 days in advance. There is a $ 25 per player convenience fee for making Torrey Pines tee time reservations.

2.   Discount Hotel Booking Engine - Book Hotel

3.   Our Avis Rental Car Booking Engine - Reserve Rental Car

So the Moral of Our San Deigo Golf Package Story is this:

Although we cannot 100% guarantee that creating your own custom San Diego Golf Package using our San Diego Golf services will be less expensive than any other company or web site offering San Diego Golf Packages...we are VERY, VERY CONFIDENT and 99.9% sure the National Golf Package Operators will have a very hard time beating these prices, the cancellation policies, our "LOCAL Knowledge" and the overall flexibility of our San Diego Golf Packages.

We welcome you to give it a try and compare?