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Rain Policy

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Rain Policy

Why don't I get a full refund of the service charge when it rains so hard the course closes and I don't get to play?

We understand your frustration about being rained-out of a much anticipated tee time, especially if it was at Torrey Pines Golf Course. Most golfers only have one opportunity to play at Torrey Pines Golf Course while in San Diego and we know it is extremely disappointing to have bad weather ruin all your expectations for a great round of golf.

And then to make matters paid a considerable amount of money just to get the tee time you never got to use!

We wish we could guarantee playable weather a week in advance or fully refund your service charge in the case of bad weather.

Certainly we could, if we offered "Travel/Rain Insurance" like Travel Agents and Cruise Ship Operators, or if we raised our coordination fee across the board to everyone all year long. The extra revenue would probably cover the costs of providing fully refundable reservation services for those occasional winter and spring rainouts.

Instead, we decided on a rain refund policy that only affects the fewest of our customers.

Our service is to provide a confirmed San Diego tee time reservation. Although there is a natural tendency to connect the transaction (service) of requesting and receiving a tee time and then the action of actually using the tee time reservation, they really are not linked to each other from a service standpoint.

Once we provide our customer with a confirmed tee time reservation our labor, overhead and administrative expenses related to providing the service are expended at that point, and our service is complete.

Long ago decided I did not want to sell "Rain Insurance," like Travel Agents and Cruise Lines nor did I want to make a profit on anyone's bad luck. Instead, we've adopted the following policies:

If another San Diego golf course is open and available and you still want to play, we will make your alternate reservations without charge.

If the weather is really bad and most of the other San Diego golf courses are closed you will get a FULL REFUND minus a $ 15.00 per person / per tee time administrative processing fee for all golf courses except Torrey Pines Golf Course. The administrative fee for Torrey Pines Golf Course is $ 25.00 per person.

We go to great lengths to verbally explain this policy to every customer prior to accepting our reservation services and again in written form on the tee time confirmation fax voucher we send every customer each time they use our service.

Most people feel this rain refund policy is more than a fair gesture in light of our costs in providing the service and unpredictable weather. Of course we hope those few who do not agree with this policy would not accept our service with less than honorable intentions.


Rick MacDonald

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